Broadband Access

Broadband Access

Soft-switch, Routers, Switches, ROADM and enhanced CATV & telecom applications designed to grow revenues, increase service retention and ensure a smooth migration to next generation networks and IMS.

Integrated SoftSwitch & Server Applications

  • Broad range of class 4/5 features – Integrated Softswitch excels both as a replacement for traditional Class 4/5 switching systems and in "green   field"  deployments. Support for a wide variety of access and trunking    protocols, including MGCP, SIP, H.248, BLES (VoATM), SS7, MF, ISDN-  PRI and GR-303, allowing least-cost routing over both TDM and packet   networks
  • Open IMS-compliant SIP interface to external application servers for enhanced  IP-based services such as pre-pay, calling card, voicemail

Carrier Ethernet Access Solution

  • Large portfolio from 4 port CPE to 44 ports multi-10GE. 1st /2nd mile aggregation
  • L2 Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, MPLS-TP, and IPv4/IPV6 Routing with powerful end-to-end OAM for SLA measurements
  • Supporting rates from E1/T1 to 100G, WDM and ROADM, and multiple service types
  • Layer 1, Physical Layer Switch



We provide solutions that bring precision, scalability and assurance to your synchronization network.

  • Sync Delivery using 1588v2 Telecom Slave/Boundary/Master Clocks/GPS/GNSS/Sync-E/BITS
  • Sync Assurance using Active/Passive probing and monitoring of Sync (Sync SLA, network PDV)
  • Sync Supply Unit (SSU)
  • PRC based on Cesium, GPS and GLONASS

CATV Headend and Digital TV

RF Signal Management

Integrated and distributed combination system up to 1GHz for CATV and broadband companies.

RF Signal Management / Headend Product

  • Integrated forward and return path combining equipment.
  • Modular headend amplifier system.
  • Modular amplifier/redundant RF switch.
  • Modular passive splitter/combiner networks.
  • L-Band passives for the 950 — 2150MHz spectrum.

Test Equipment

  • CW carrier signal generators
  • Signal level meters
  • Precision and Mis-match 75 Ohm terminators
  • Noise generator
  • Noise Generator with return loss bridge
  • Fiber Optic Light Source devices
  • Optical Power Meters
  • Coming soon…LCD TV Test Set Package and
  • Other technician friendly test equipment.
Broadband Power

Provides a full line of power products including: standby, no standby and uninterruptible power supplies, surge suppressors, enclosures, batteries and powering accessories.

  • Backup Power Supplies for CATV applications
  • Emergency Power Inverters
  • UPS Systems
  • Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Enclosures (Ground, Pole & Customs)
  • Batteries
  • DOCSIS Transponders


Consulting and Services

Project management, installation, fiber characterization measurements, synchronization audit, training, etc.

Education Services

  • Open Enrollment (OE) Training
  • On-site Training
  • Alternative (web, CD-Rom, manuals, Train –the-Trainer)

Product Services

  • Calibration/Repair
  • Support Contracts
  • TAC
  • On-site Services
  • Customer Care

Network Documentation

  • Fiber Optics, Copper and HFC Networks
  • Database Population
  • Field Data Collection
  • Data Integration

Project Management

  • Site Survey
  • Installation
  • System Integration
  • Solution Design & Deployment
  • Post Sale Support

Consulting Services

  • Measurement Services
  • Fiber Characterization
  • Synchronization Audit
  • Methods & Procedures  Development

Hosting Services

  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Elements and Reporting
  • Customized Solutions
  • And more!

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Hardware and software network monitoring solutions for the global telecommunications and cable broadband industries.

  • CATV/IP/VoIP/Ethernet Service Quality Monitoring systems
  • Fiber Optics Monitoring Systems
  • Fiber Optics Network Documentation
  • Video Content  Monitoring
  • Element Management Systems

Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement Services Picture

Portable optical test solutions, protocol and copper access test solutions to enable triple-play services over converged, IP networks, SONET/SDH/PDH transport, FTTx, PON, Fusion Splicers, Cleaning Tools, etc.


  • Network Installation & Operations (Transmission and Outside Plant)
  • Deployment, Commisioning and Maintenance


  • SONET/SDH/Ethernet Testing
  • FTTH, FTTP and PON Testing
  • PMD/CD/WDM/OTDR all in one portable platform
  • XDSL/VoIP/IPTV/Copper
  • 10/100/1GE/10GE
  • MPEG Analyzers/ Waveform Monitors
  • Fusion Splicers / Cleaning Tools