RF Signal Management

Integrated and distributed combination system up to 1GHz for CATV and broadband companies.

RF Signal Management / Headend Product

  • Integrated forward and return path combining equipment.
  • Modular headend amplifier system.
  • Modular amplifier/redundant RF switch.
  • Modular passive splitter/combiner networks.
  • L-Band passives for the 950 — 2150MHz spectrum.

Test Equipment

  • CW carrier signal generators
  • Signal level meters
  • Precision and Mis-match 75 Ohm terminators
  • Noise generator
  • Noise Generator with return loss bridge
  • Fiber Optic Light Source devices
  • Optical Power Meters
  • Coming soon…LCD TV Test Set Package and
  • Other technician friendly test equipment.
Broadband Power

Provides a full line of power products including: standby, no standby and uninterruptible power supplies, surge suppressors, enclosures, batteries and powering accessories.

  • Backup Power Supplies for CATV applications
  • Emergency Power Inverters
  • UPS Systems
  • Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Enclosures (Ground, Pole & Customs)
  • Batteries
  • DOCSIS Transponders